Authentic Southern Wedding

February 16 2017 | News

Celebrating life, love, and all things southern! For many Southern brides, the ultimate fantasy wedding includes saying “I do” under magnificent moss hung oak trees, while dancing the night away while the warm summer breezes blow in from the river.We want that fantasy to come to life at Whitehall. Nestled in the heart of Old Jefferson along the Mississippi River Road, Whitehall is a reminder of Pre Civil War elegance. Now the only plantation home left on The Eastbank of Jefferson Parish, Whitehall is once again brought to life, no longer playing host to sugarcane farmers, but instead to the bride that wants to create a memorable southern wedding experience.

‚ÄčEven though are home and furnishings date back to the 19th century,we are anything but traditional! Can't picture yourself walking down a church aisle? Take your cermony outdoors surrounded by blooming azaleas and green canopy. Our lawn is your canvas! Transform the space with white padded chairs, rustic aisle decor, and even an alter alternative. An outside ceremony can be a full sensory experience and here at Whitehall we want your guests to feel that. Behind the scenes, our staff will be hard at work to make sure that once vows have been exchanged, the celebration will start! Get ready to dance the night away (or day for that matter!) surrounded by Magnolia trees or inside the stately mansion. We want your day to be exactly as you want it and our staff prides itself on their warm hospitality.  It's a Southern thing after all!

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