Naked Cakes

October 10 2017 | News

All of you sweet-toothed, sugar loving, "I'd sell my kidney for that chocolate cupcake over there" brides - I'm sorry but this post is not for you. But for those that actually like a little cake with their icing, then please keep reading! This weekend's wedding did not dissapoint in the presentation of one of the most current trends-the naked cake. For those unfamiliar with this scanadalous version of a wedding cake, let me explain. Typically the layers of the cake are (gasp) exposed completely or slightly peeking through a thin veil of icing. Sandwiched between layers are buttercream icing, a tasty ganache, or for those reaching even furthur into the less is more catergory-fruit. Typically an adornment of fresh fruit, flowers, or vine ripened berries round out the decor and work seamlessly with the natural feeling of the cake. I thought this weekend's cake presentation was a perfect example of the naked cake trend and felt very natural and elegant poised in front of the fireplace in Whitehall. Cake by Designs by Day and floral by Fabulous Flowers



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