Our Friends at Magnolia

March 10 2017 | News


When I mention Whitehall to a potential client I, many times, get the furrowed brow and slightly confused expression telling me that the person is not so sure where or what I am speaking of. I mention Magnolia School and many times that ligthbulb goes off in the client's head that yes indeed they know all about Magnolia and the wonderful services they provide to their students and residents or the gift shop showcasing Magnolia-made treasures  also located on property that helps to support the non-profit. There was a lack of services available to children born with developmental delays back in 1935 when the idea for a school was born.  Over the years the buildings on the property have grown to include five residential homes on campus, twenty three vocational centers, an art studio and gift shop, greenhouse, and multipurpose center. There are also sixteen residential group homes dispersed throughout the community.  Additionally support is provided to those who choose to live and work in the community through our Supported Living and Supported Employment programs.

This month we celebrate Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. As a community partner to Magnolia School, we hope to share this message of awareness throughout the region and all of our potential bookings. Giving back is something that is high on our prioirty list and we are so happy that a large part of the rental fee of Whitehall goes directly to this important cause. We are honored that we can be  apart of such a worthy institution!


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